AAI and Indian Navy Collaborate To Enhance the Safety Efficiency & Airport Capacity at Goa


New Delhi, 11 June, 2018: Continuing with its constant endeavour to ensure highest level of safety, operational efficiency and airport capacity,AAI has decided to augment the existing Air Traffic Control facilities of Indian Navy at Dabolim Airport, Goa which includes provision of real time data of air traffic operating in the airspace adjoining Goa airspace. The real time processed data of multiple ATC RADAR feeds from Mumbai ATC Automation system will be transported to Navy ATC through dedicated high speed data link and it will be displayed to Navy ATC Officers at Goa. This air traffic situational data display in Navy ATC Tower will provide a complete details of inbound, outbound flights operating to Goa as well as en-route flights under control of Indian Navy ATC.

Shri. A.K. Dutta, Member (Air Navigation Services)and team of senior officials from Corporate Headquarters, Airport Authority of India, New Delhi, discussed various operational issues with the Indian Navy enhance safety, operational efficiency and airport capacity at Goa International Airport recently.

In addition to multiple RADAR Data feed from Mumbai, AAI is also in the process ofinstalling a NextGeneration Surveillance System, ADS-B (Automated Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast),at Goa Airport. The ADS-B data also will be processed in Mumbai ATC system and in case of failure of RADARs, the ADS-B data will still be available to Navy ATC.

With the augmentation of ATC Surveillance facilities at Goa Airport, in addition to improved safety and operational efficiency, AAI will be contributing significantly in CO2 emission reductions as ATC will be able to allocate optimum flight levels during en-route, climb and descent phases of the flight.

Also, a significant improvement in the Instrument Landing System (ILS) at Goa International Airport is in pipeline to be executed by AAI by replacing the old Instrument Landing system(ILS) of Indian Navywith a state-of-the-art new ILS. This would help in improving the safety of flight operations at Goa Airport.

A team led by Member (ANS) along with senior officials from AAI CHQ comprising of Mr.A.K.Banerjee,ED(CNS-O&M) and Mr. Mansoor Ahmed, ED(CNS-Planning) and Mr. B.C.H Negi, Airport Director, Goa International Airport visited the site for finalising the modalities regarding implementing the New Landing system.

During the visit,Shri. A.K. Dutta, Member(ANS),inaugurated the new GAGAN Reference Earth Station which has recently shifted to a new site to pave the way for ongoing Infrastructure development and airport expansion activities.

Continuing with its efforts in improving the customer experience, customer assistance numbers were also launched. These numbers, +917028001001/2001/3001, will be available 24X7 for addressing the passenger queries relating to airlines and airport facilities at Goa International Airport.

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